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Room Escape is exciting and addictive interactive problem-solving in group. Your objective is to make it out of the escape room within 60 minutes. Makeitout provides two unique games in the heart of Vaasa.

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The Extremist

We're back in 1995 and the Finnish central intelligence is blindly chasing the rare chemical TRS-7 that disappeared last week from a Vaasa-based chemical research laboratory. Your team has received an anonymous tip and must act immediately without informing the headquarters. You find the exterior-wise completely ordinary looking house, but once you get past the unlocked door that slams shut behind you, you notice that everything is not the way it should be. It's no coincidence that you've been led here.

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The Reactor

The city of Vaasa administers year 1989 Vaskiluoto - I, the world's safest nuclear power plant. During the last week, professor Øynstein has updated the cooling system of the nuclear core and now the control room is sending out inconsequent data. Probably nothing serious; however, since there is no sight of the professor, as the experts you are called in to check what’s causing the faulty data feed.

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