Have fun with your friends :)

Are you a company team or just otherwise a larger group? Please contact us well in advance and we will try to arrange simultaneous games for you.

7 - 11 hlöä/pers
12 - 22 hlöä/pers

You need to book at least 2 games

Option 1: book both games simultaneously. Mostly, time slots to our two games do not start simultaneously: drop us a mail and we'll try to arrange that for you.

Option 2: book two consecutive games, giving your teams more experiences to compare afterwards.

You need to book at least three games

Please feel free to ask for more info by mail. We are experts in providing the best option given your set of preferences and properties :)

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Let us set the scene for you ...

We're back in 1995 and the Finnish central intelligence is blindly chasing the rare chemical TRS-7 that disappeared last week from a Vaasa-based chemical research laboratory. Your team has received an anonymous tip and must act immediately without informing the headquarters. You find the exterior-wise completely ordinary looking house, but once you get past the unlocked door that slams shut behind you, you notice that everything is not the way it should be. It's no coincidence that you've been led here.

We're taking you on a rescue mission across spacetime, nothing more fancy than that. Launched 2022.

Available times


General terms

Each and every one of the participants accept the terms by participating in the game. I comply that the interpretation of these terms is up to RB Consult Ab Oy (“Makeitout”).

I understand that I may neither take pictures nor record any kind of media inside the room I have booked ("The Room"). I understand that the use, distribution and public showing or imitation of the whole Room or parts of it is prohibited. I understand that Makeitout may take legal action against such infringements. I understand that all the secrets of The Room are trade secrets protected under existing immaterial rights law.

I understand that Makeitout is not recommended for people who have heart disease, claustrophobia, epilepsy or similar illness. I also understand that I must follow the Rules of The Room (see below). I accept that Makeitout cannot be held responsible for possible damage or injury occurring during or after the visit in The Room as a result of what happens in the room.

Each and every one of the participants is by shared responsibility accountable for damage caused by a member of the group and Makeitout reserves the right to seek full compensation for the damage I cause to equipment and other material inside or outside The Room. I also understand that Makeitout reserves the right to terminate the game at any time, if I violate the Rules of The Room. I have no right to a refund of the purchased service if Makeitout cancels the game due to my behaviour.

I understand that it is prohibited to start the game under the influence of alcohol. I also understand that it is prohibited to bring or consume alcoholic beverages in the facilities Makeitout has at its disposal, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

I accept that I, if my group is unable to participate in my booked game, have to cancel my reservation either via the booking confirmation or by e-mail no later than 24 hours before it starts, or pay an administration fee of 25 EUR.

I understand that the age limit for participation is 15 years. Persons younger than that are allowed to participate if at least one of the participants is a grown up.

I understand that my booking is considered successful if and only if a confirmation mail has been sent to the e-mail address I announced in the booking form. It is my responsibility to verify that that mail is received and that the information therein regarding my booking details are correct.

Makeitout processes some personal data e.g. for administering reservations and executing the game. I confirm that my provided personal data is correct. More information regarding how Makeitout processes personal data is found in the privacy policy.

Contact info (Note! Bookings made with made up contact information will be cancelled and a cancellation mail will be sent to your announced e-mail address)

We just sent you a confirmation e-mail ...

... please check it and make sure the booking information there is correct. You didn’t get that mail? Did it go to your junk mail folder? If not, or if you misspelled your e-mail address, please contact us at info@makeitout.fi

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